William Hill client places a massive £150,000 on the presidential election

One client placed a bet for the huge sum of £150,000 believing that Hillary Clinton would win the election. This is one of the largest bets placed on the election, and sadly it would appear that this telephone client is going to be missing out on their massive wager. Donald Trump, shockingly, took the election by storm and managed to beat out Hillary Clinton in a close call decision for the presidency. The player that made this wager is remaining anonymous and William Hill haven’t released any information pertaining to who this person is.

This democratic player was given odds of 1/5 for Hillary Clinton to win the election, obviously being given a slight benefit for the sake of his large bet. The odds of Donald Trump winning the election were placed at 7/2, meaning that William Hill has set it so that players who put money on the republican candidate get a much bigger reward due to the significantly lowered chance that he had of winning.

These are the types of odds that many gambling platforms have put out against Trump and in favor of Clinton. In fact, a lot of platforms had already begun to pay out to Clinton betters because it was highly believed that she was going to win the election. This is going to turn out as a major loss for these platforms following the fact that Trump has actually taken the election, meaning that these players were able to cash out on lost bets.

This presidential election has continued to smash records in the gambling industry. It has received the highest number of bets of any major event around the globe, and has over £20 million riding on the outcome of this election. William Hill itself is expecting at least a £4 million turnover from the election, which is the first time that an amount has reached this high for any sort of political event.

There have been other massive bets in favor of Hillary Clinton. There was a female online democrat that put down 550,000 euros in favor of Clinton, which means that she had almost half a million pounds sitting on this and would see a profit of about 222,000. Instead, this will be a huge loss for this player as well following Clinton’s loss.

With so much money at stake and a huge amount of involvement, there are a lot of people that have so much riding on the election. It will be interesting to see how the platforms that have already paid out to Hillary Clinton supporters are going to recover their losses following the election, and how many people are going to be impacted by this. A vast majority of players put their money down on Hillary which caused the odds to slant so favorably for her, and so it’s safe to assume that many of them will be facing major losses while the Trump supporters will be getting quite a pretty penny following the election results.