Betting increases around the world for Super Bowl LI

americanfootballThat time of year has arrived again. Super Bowl LI will have the AFC Champion New England Patriots and the NFC winners in the Atlanta Falcons. One thing will certainly happen during this year’s Super Bowl and that is betting. Betting on Super Bowl LI will be something that will garner in excess of $5 billion in bets being placed. The huge majority of those bets will be done illegally. Las Vegas believes that it takes in about $100 million in Super Bowl bets. Those figures came from last year’s Super Bowl.

There will also be tons of creative style wagers seeing action for this year’s title game. Examples of some of these wagers are quarter and halftime scores, how many yards will Tom Brady and Matt Ryan throw for, and yardage for other big time players in the game.

Las Vegas is certainly no stranger to the huge influx of NFL fans flocking to the casinos during the Super Bowl. A prominent sports book operator at a casino in Vegas stated that last year Las Vegas casinos took in a total of 132.5 million bets specifically for the Super Bowl. That total could certainly be eclipsed this year. The storylines are perfect for that. Tom Brady looking to win his fifth Super Bowl trophy to become the winningest Super Bowl QB of all times. Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons was just named the NFL MVP for 2016. Both teams have been good all year and the fans certainly could not ask for a more better game.

Super Bowl week is by far the busiest time when it comes to Las Vegas casinos and sportsbooks. The president of the American Gaming Association in Geoff Freeman says that Vegas casinos will see a huge rise in the number of bets for the big game. He stated that casinos and sportsbooks start preparing several weeks before the game. He added that extra preparation allows for the sportsbook to train newer employees and also allows for the staff to go over protocols in case there are any problems. Freeman went on to say that this year should run very smooth for all of the casinos and sportsbooks when it comes to Vegas Super Bowl betting.