Long Beach City Elders Consider Casino Gambling for Business Boost

Five Candidates for mayor of sunny Long Beach, California discussed the idea of allowing a casino to operate in the area to increase business.

Long Beach, California — As the time comes to select the next mayor of Long Beach, the leading candidates have gathered to discuss their ideas for the city’s continued prosperity. There were many different perspectives, but all the candidates shared a common goal of bringing more business to the area.

One of the key solutions that were discussed at length was the possibility of opening a casino in the Long Beach area. There were various pros and cons to the suggestion and this looks to be an interesting turn of events for the residence of this subtropical paradise.

Alderman Gary Ponthieux has been serving the city of Long Beach for over 12 years and reported on the proceedings to the Sun Herald saying, “One big advantage of this possible addition would be the increased cash it could provide. Cash that could be spent on the construction of new schools and other beneficial projects”.

In the past, the idea of a casino on the streets of Long Beach was not popular. The request had been rejected by voters in the past, but a 2006 referendum showed that 54% of the community was not opposed to the idea of legalized gambling and casinos opening in the area across from the harbor.

“I feel strongly about this progressive step and trust the community will support the motion,” said Alderman Gary Ponthieux, “I feel it will be the responsibility of a strong mayor to give the city what it truly needs”. While many Long Beach residents support Gary Ponthieux and his perspective of boosting business with the establishment of a booming casino, there are other opinions about the notion.

Leonardo Carruba, an Alderman from and elected board, said he was not sure about the positive effects of the project. He had hinted to a lack of trust in the casino business to handle this need for more business.

“As far as I understand,” said Leonardo “this casino will be one of the biggest in the country, possible the same size as the Scarlet Pearl casino, located in D’Iberville.? This would take over the harbor and this doesn’t sound like a very good idea to me. To me I don’t see a casino as the answer to our problem, people tend to assume it is a “magic wand” solution, but it rarely is that simple or helpful to the community.”

“The thing is you begin to trust that funding,” he continued, “Once it is kicked out from under you, you could be in deep water.”