Playtech Just Launched Wacky Waters Slot Machine

wacky waters slot screenshot big

wacky waters logoThere are several things that we like about the sea but there is something a lot more frightening of it; the deep ocean under the sea. The vast territory that we know so little about. Playtech grabbed this subject and made in a fun and crazy online slot machine with a distended atmosphere and 2D graphics. With the intention to make it easy on the eyes and resemble the simplicity of the game with the layout, Wacky Waters.

They chose several sea creatures to be the symbols of this 5 reel and 25 payline game starting with a Wild Blowfish called Albert alongside a Wacky octopus character, a happy shark, seahorses, a clown fish, a yellow starfish and prawns with the common playing card symbols A, J, Q and K.

This 2D graphics are the center with a bubble style font of a fun and easy game made by the folks at Playtech. Perhaps one of the most important companies in the world. They are the synonym of innovation, creativity and great games. In the 2016 campaign they’re set to conquer the slot machine world with a lot of games for every age (+21) and every taste.

What We Love

There is a lot to love in this game, but I’ll start by pointing out the jackpot. We are here to make money and you are allowed to win up to 225,000 credits. The game is smooth and simple it will remind you to SpongeBob SquarePants.

There are three special features in this game. Puffin’ Up feature is amazing, with Albert The blowfish as a main character. I know, the game gives it away. Albert puffs up and explodes to leave between 1 and 6 wilds, he also has a bonus feature which in my opinion is the best of this game.

wacky waters slot screenshot big

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Albert catches himself in a fisherman’s anchor and you need to choose the path for Albert to swim. Depending on your choice Albert can find in its path multipliers, extra wilds, free spins and extra air for him. He will need in case you want him to stay in the path.

Last but not least you have a fantastic feature called Cash Crab. If you trigger 3 or more crab symbols on the reels you’re set to go. You would get an scatter stravaganzza and then be awarded up to 100 times your bet (if you’re extremely lucky).

What We Don’t Love

There will be several people that aren’t going to play this game because of the graphics and the visual arts. And that’s really bad, never judge a book by its cover. And when you think of it the design is made like that on purpose, for all of those players looking for something more serious Playtech will deliver a different type of game.

Worth Playing?

Of course, Playtech did a fantastic job in making this game. And yes, including the visual graphics. They’re fun and crazy like the game. The innovation behind these features is just amazing and trust me, you will have a blast playing this game.

The campaign Playtech has done this year is incredible, they have a game for everyone. This in particular may not be the one that you like but they will have another one for your taste.

Your cup of tea is assured with Playtech. This is the difference between them and other companies, this game gives value to the enterprise for its incredible and innovative Albert Feature and the boldness of using an overused theme and turning it into something really good.

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