BC Lottery Ads Come Under Fire

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation has had a great deal of trouble lately with its new online gambling website, PlayNow.com. After two detrimental glitches, it seemed as though the BCLC was out of the woods. However, the corporation has now come under fire for its marketing campaigns.

According to many local newspapers in Vancouver, the BCLC’s ads for its PlayNow.com website targets the vulnerable by creating ads that appeal to a younger audience. Studies have found that individuals are likely to develop addictions when exposed to a particular entity at a younger age, supporting advocates claims that the intended audience of these new advertisements is more vulnerable.

“The provincial government operates liquor stores, but it does not promote alcohol through ads aimed at young people”, says David Raworth of the Times Colonist. “The same policy should apply here.”

While many online casinos are attempting to attract younger players that will appreciate the digital technology involved, it seems that the BCLC is going about it the wrong way. Those who oppose the ads feel that the BCLC should not target young people specifically. A more appropriate campaign would be far more general, but only time will tell if the BCLC will change its approach.

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