Microgaming Launches New Mobile Gambling App

 Microgaming is one of the few online casino brands that had made a successful transition into the mobile gambling market with its Spin3 mobile brand. Now, the company is ready to perfect the art of mobile gaming with a new platform available for Android devices.

Android Air is the newest mobile product available from Microgaming. Running on the Adobe Air platform, the new app gives mobile users the chance to access online casino games from their smartphone or tablet computer. At first, eight games will be available on the platform, but Microgaming hopes to add 12 more titles to the mix in the near future. 

Microgaming has stated that the platform offers a user-friendly experience via a modern casino lobby. Banking and registration services will also be updated to improve the player experience. 

Now is the opportune time for Microgaming to launch its new mobile gambling application. Around the world, mobile gambling activity is seeing a huge increase, as more individuals purchase smart phones and tablet computers. As Microgaming already has a decent foothold on the mobile gaming market, the new application will only solidify the company’s reputation as one of the most innovative gambling operators in the industry. 


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