AFL vets concerned with gambling advertisements between games

Harry Taylor, Geelong Cats veteran has now voiced his opinion on gambling advertisements during the AFL games. The saturation of those advertisements while the AFL games are on are now a concern for the AFL veteran. Especially that he has three children of his own; he’s concerned when his eldest who has the ability to name advertisements after the fact and while they are on during the games are being played. Now, he’s concerned for young fans. Taylor supports the Western Bulldogs; although the “premiership” Captain Easton Wood says a protest against those ‘gambling’ advertisements now is basically blaming someone or some league.

Is it the issue of the AFL now and should it be an issue?

The AFL star does suggest that he does share the concern with Captain Wood. Although, the reason is that advertisements do seem to be targeting the children. Gambling is normal. Do children want to hear this during the games? The message that “it’s alright to gamble.” Again, when Taylor’s eldest can call out the ads and the brands from television advertisements, in between the games, it does cause a concern for him, the AFL veteran said today.
Keep talking and raise concerns

He recently told Sydney Morning Herald, “…We need to keep talking about [this] while educating people about it.” Not that simple though to simply “cut…them” out of the AFL. Although, educating the youth regarding gambling and the long term effects in general would really be an important aspect to “our society” and the AFL team players’ needs.

Wood replaced injured captain Bob Murphey in addition to leading the Bulldogs to a premiership last year. After attending an AFL’s “annual player education session” last Friday, he did bring up the gambling issue as well. Wood admitted that he couldn’t tolerate the dangers of gambling while educating the AFL players at the same time plus allowing the incoming of ‘betting commercials’ during the AFL games.

Wood agrees that being told that gambling is risky. In addition, gambling is considered ‘sinister and dangerous activities[s]’ and a real wake-up call to many. He also admits they desperately “need an annual education session” in the matter since it’s a serious issue. In addition to being part of the sporting industry, especially like the AFL games, “why support the onslaught of gambling advertising” that everyone is having to see head-on while watching the games?

What’s apparent is the effects the gambling ads are having on our children when they have to see us, the players ‘pull on our boots.’

Except for the Geelong Cats, the entire Victorian-based AFL teams are doing something about this, except for the Geelong Cats insofar; the signing of a charter which pledges that their would be no signed partnerships with that of business that are sports betting-related. Although, unfortunately, most teams do profit from those sports gambling companies. Other than North Melbourne which is the only club that doesn’t profit with poker machine revenue, ironically.