Local Businesses Concerned About New Casino

The opposition to the planned proposal for Toronto’s new gambling venue continues to grow.  First, Niagara Falls politicians opposed the idea; then, The Toronto Star wrote an ediorial against the proposal. Now, local businesses are showing concern over the possibility of Toronto building a new casino. 

Niagara Falls is one of the biggest gambling destinations in Canada. It brings in tourists from the United States and from across the nation, many of which are from Toronto. According to statisics, over 30% of the business at Niagara Falls casinos comes from the Greater Toronto Area. 

Should the OLG approve the construction of a new casino in the city, a large portion of Niagara Falls’ business would be diverted back into Toronto’s local economy. This is not only bad news for the casino operators in the area; it is also detrimental to local businesses. 

Restaurants, bars and shopping centres in Niagara Falls are also bound to suffer if tourists end up staying in Toronto to gamble. Many business owners in the area depend on tourism dollars to stay afloat and a new casino in Toronto could mean dire things for a wide range of businesses in Niagara Falls.


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