Bettors Get Ready to Rumble for Boxing Rival Rematch Tonight

The MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas will be a venue filled with action tonight – action that extends beyond the boxing ring.  Tonight’s welterweight main event inside the ring pits two long-standing rivals against each other for a fourth, grueling battle of fists and fury.  Manny Pacquiao, considered by many bookmakers the Fighter of the Decade, and Juan Manuel Marquez, a four-time World Champion, will settle their score and give the gamblers the chance to score some big money.

The history between these two rivals is one of two warriors fighting for what they consider their rightful place as winner.  The last two fights came down to a decision by the judges, and the last decision in particular was very controversial.  Pacquiao was awarded the winner but most boxing experts including the World Boxing Organization expected Marquez to be announced the winner.  The residual frustration on Marquez’s part is expected to keep him going in the ring, while Pacquiao attempts to redeem himself after losing to Timothy Bradley in June, ironically enough in a judge’s decision.

The odds are in favour of Pacquiao winning this rematch with -265 on the sportsbetting line, meaning a $265 bet would win an extra $100.  However, Marquez shouldn’t be considered too much of an underdog because several experts expect this fight will also go to a judge’s decision, which could give Marquez the chance to get even after the last matchup.

There are minimal expectations that the fight will be over quickly as Pacquiao has only been defeated by a KO once in his career, while Marquez has never faced defeat by a KO.  As a result the scheduled 12 round battle is anticipated to go deep, with odds of -280 favouring the fight to exceed 10.5 rounds.

Las Vegas is always a favourite destination for a high profile fight, and local sportsbetting rooms are counting on a big payoff for the excitement.  Regardless of which fighter wins or who wins big money from the battle, this will be a fight not soon forgotten. 

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