Dot Casino Domain Auction at Sedo Already in the Five Figures

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Online Auction Gavel Internet Bidding Web Site Win Buy ItemThe new domain extension .casino has been released with great success and the first domain to hit the auction is the Star casino domain name Star.Casino. With the reserve already being met and currently with a bid of $11208 or Equal to €10000.

The domain name auction ends within a few days on

With 5,774,843 New gTLDs domain Registrations, the new gtld’s have become a huge success, with some domains reaching over 100k on the domain market.

It will be interesting to follow the prices on dot casino domains as more and more in the gambling industry start to use this domain extension, gambling domains have always been in league with domains that sell for highest prices such as and selling each for over $5 million.

Many of the quality names were purchased during the initial offering of .casino. While there are still a number of great names available, many will only be available through public auctions or private offerings.

Is the casino market really large enough to support its own specialized extension? Considering the amount of online casinos launching in the UK and Canada, plus the already existing land casinos, the extension does have the legs. With more casino development in the United States and White Label casinos being launched on a daily basis around Europe, there will be some definite value for domain investors.

Several of the hundreds of .casino domains appearing at the Sedo auction are generic names that will also serve the affiliate market. Domains such as, and are easy to remember and have that as an additional factor in valuation. The Star.Casino domain auction continues for only a few more days and the progress can be monitored here.