Hialeah Park Disorganization Raising Questions About Poker Tournament

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hialeah parkThere are claims about massive disorganization issues at the famed Hialeah Park during its racetrack casino poker tournament. The event was billed as the park’s “biggest poker tournament ever.” In turn, the casino industry is working with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation to sort out what when wrong during this Aug. 25-30 poker tournament that featured a $250 buy-in with more than $200K in the winner’s pot.

Hialeah Park Poker Tournament Issues

According to Florida media reports, the Hialeah Racetrack casino hosts a huge annual poker tournament that had “potential issues.” In addition, there were player complaints about the number of chips in play throughout the tournament. Longtime poker players have commented online how such questions undermine the game’s integrity.

Meanwhile, the park issued a statement in response to entrants claiming the poker tournament update data did not match money being paid out. “Hialeah Park Management became aware of the alleged incident through social media. An internal investigation of the matter found no evidence of any discrepancies in the manner in which the poker tournament was conducted nor any wrongdoing on the part of any of the poker staff.”

Potential Wrongdoing at Hialeah Casino

At the end of the day, Hialeah Park Management state that claims about “massive disorganization” during its recent casino poker tournament is more of a he-said, she-said sort of thing that is still being investigated. While there have been many disgruntled poker fans commenting online about alleged issues during the recent poker tournament inside Hialeah’s colorful casino, there are “few facts” that points to wrongdoing, say Miami-Dade Country law officials investing claims of wrong doings. For instance, there have been poker tournament players who believe the “number of chips in play” did not match the poker action taking place. While this claim still seems confusing and unclear as of mid-January 2016, both local law enforcement and the state’s casino industry are pressing on with their investigation to discover if the Hialeah Poker tournament was improperly managed.

Full House at Hialeah Poker Event

A background report about the Hialeah Park Casino poker tournament claims that the park’s huge casino playing room is one of the largest and most popular in the state. For example, local media claim that the casino had earnings of nearly $9 million during the fiscal year. The tournament featured more than one thousand players at 33 action packed tables. The event took place the park’s popular casino at this historic racetrack in Hialeah, Florida.

Overall, the enjoyment of the poker room at the Hialeah Park Casino is legendary in this region of south Florida. The recent poker tournament is the highlight for the casino’s popular poker games and stakes that feature Omaha Hi-Lo, No Limit Hold Em, and 7 Card Stud. While complaints continue from players about “disorganization” during the recent poker tournament, park officials said it is now behind them and they look forward to next event.