Italy’s Loss Upsets The Online Sportsbetting World

This year’s World Cup has been full of upsets by underdogs, and no one in the sportsbetting world knows what to think about the results. Handicappers and oddsmakers are at a loss, especially after Italy’s abysmal performance in yesterday’s game against Slovakia.

World Cup 2010 has become one of the most talked about events this year, especially in the online gambling industry. Because the online sportsbetting market has grown immensely over the past four years, anyone looking to wager on the World Cup has a vast pool of resources to sift through when deciding which way to bet. But, not even professionals are able to predict how upcoming games will turn out anymore.

Many websites offering sportsbetting advice for the World Cup predicted that Italy would win yesterday’s match. One was quoted as saying that Italy would win 2-0. The teams were evenly matched; in 27 games that Slovakia and Italy have played against each other, there were 9 draws, 10 wins for Italy and 10 wins for Slovakia. The prediction was based off of Ladbrokes odds that favoured Italy, 11/20. But, it seems that the blogger and the anyone who took advice from online sportsbetting websites has been led astray. It is recommended that football fans trust their own instincts when deciding which teams to bet on, especially during this year’s unpredictable tournament.

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