Is Georgia Gambling on the Horizon?

georgia gambling

georgia gamblingWhen many think of Georgia, they automatically think of the Atlanta area, which is a major player in entertainment, sports, music, arts and more. The one thing that Georgia is not famous for is gambling unless you really consider the state lottery, which is also a form of gambling. Almost every kind of scratch ticket from $1-$30 is sold in the state as well as Powerball and Mega Millions. Georgia has no form of gambling, such as poker tables, craps, slot machines, or even horse racing. The lack of gambling in the state of Georgia has pushed many to desire legal gambling in the state.

There’s always opposing sides when it comes to any issue, and many feel that adding gambling to the state of Georgia will only make it harder for those who already have gambling problems and spend a lot of money on the state lottery. Others feel that gambling is wrong morally, so they oppose adding any more gambling to the state. There are some who have resorts or casinos near Georgia that wouldn’t want to see Georgia legalize gambling because they would lose many of their visitors, who come from all over the state of Georgia.

Casinos are dotted around the state of Georgia in other states such as Louisiana, Alabama, and North Carolina. The closest casino to Atlanta, Georgia is Harrah’s Cherokee Valley Casino, which is only an hour away from another major casino also owned by Harrah’s. Since both casinos are about 2 ½ to 3 hours away from Atlanta, they are the closest casinos to Georgia, other than the Wind Creek casinos located in Montgomery and Wetumpka, Alabama. With people in Georgia having to travel so far to do any type of slot or table gaming, it’s prompted many to want the laws changed, except the government isn’t fully agreeing.

In order for legal gambling to come to the state of Georgia, Governor Nathan Deal must agree. If enough votes were to come in from both the Democrat and Republican vote, then it’s possible to take the governor out of the equation completely to bring legal gambling to the state. The governor agrees with some legal gambling proceeds going to education, but he wasn’t swayed by a recent bill that was handed to him for his consideration because he stated that he wanted a “larger majority” for the bill to pass.

Many are now gambling online as well as going to other states to do legal gambling, but this may be losing a lot of money that Georgia could be keeping in-state. No matter what Georgia decides to do, someone will have a problem if legal gambling is legalized in the state or not. With so much money coming in from the state lottery, one would think that only more money would be brought to the state as well as education if other forms of gambling were legalized, but of course, there are many entities that will have a problem with legal gaming.