Government Punishes Players at Illegal Online Casinos

Content: The importance of being a regulated online gambling website is becoming even more prevalent, as governments are now passing legislations to enforce the power of regulators.

Malta is the latest country to do so, having just passed a law that states casinos that are not licensed by the Lottery and Gaming Authority are not required to pay winnings to players.

The law has been passed, as the government deems the requirement to pay unenforceable if a given online gambling website is not regulated by the LGA. This certainly stresses the importance of being regulated and will likely push more online casinos to become certified by the government.

Unauthorized and uncertified online casinos are considered illegal in the country, so it certainly makes sense that the government is taking action against those that violate gaming laws. Not only does the new legislation punish illegal operators, but all players.

It is a great prevention strategy, and we have seen similar countries adopt similar laws, but without such strict enforcement. Although countries like France and the UK now require all operators to hold local gaming licenses, they have yet to hold the winning of players who take part in activities at illegal online casinos.

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