Online Gambling Mogul Seeks to Improve Carbon Footprint

A recent trend in the online gambling world has been a growing consciousness for preserving energy. Calvin Ayre, owner of BoDog online casino, is among the recent proponents for this cause, as he has launched a recent initiative to move his base of operations to THORDC in Iceland, one of the most eco-friendly data centres in the world.

“With servers and data centres, us internet guys are right up there when it comes to leaving a dirty footprint”, Ayre says in his blog. “But it doesn’t have to be that way”. THORDC offers companies from around the world the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint in a very cost-effective way. Using all of Iceland’s natural resources, the company can help companies to use green emission energy, so that they do not have to emit emissions that are harmful for the environment. Many people believe that online gambling is a more ecological option than land-based casinos. However, the operation of servers and data storage is not only expensive but also extremely harmful for the environment. But, THORDC offers affordable ecological solutions. Ayre believes it is important for online gambling operators to take the initiative in lowering their carbon footprints. Online gambling is one of the most profitable internet industries, and he feels that it is up to operators to set a good example for other online-based companies.

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