Gaming Regulations in Tasmania Are Soon to Change

Tasmania Casino

Tasmania CasinoTasmania is an island that is just off the southern coast of Australia. On Tasmania, there is a significant sized city, Hobart. The island attracts a significant number of tourists each year. Currently, there are only two casinos that are open in Tasmania. However, it looks like it will be possible for more casinos to open there. The laws have changed, and it now allows for a total of four casinos to be open in Tasmania. A casino already on the island is concerned about this. Wrest Point Hotel Casino opened in Australia back in the 1970s. This was the first time that a casino set up shop in Australia. Wrest Point Hotel Casino is owned by a larger company called Federal Group. Federal Group has had a monopoly in the gambling that takes place on Tasmania, but this will come to an end. This company even controls lower level gambling, such as Keno and gaming machines in bars throughout Tasmania.

There will be new casinos constructed in Tasmania. The additional two casinos are likely to detract from the business of casinos that already are in Tasmania. This includes Australia’s first casino, Wrest Point Hotel Casino. However, this isn’t going to happen for a while. These additional gaming licenses will be distributed during 2019.

Despite this, it can already be expected who will have these new licenses. One of the people that’s likely to be licensed is David Walsh. He currently runs a museum located in Tasmania, called the Museum of Old and New Art. This museum is widely known by the acronym of MONA, and it attracts many visitors.

There are already plans for a new casino that would be built by David Walsh. David Walsh is planning to make a casino that does not allow for gamblers to come in from Tasmania. It would entirely rely on the gaming of tourists rather than locals. It also is going to be geared at people betting larger amounts of money. The poker will take place exclusively at tables, and he intends there to be 12 tables for players. The profits of the casino will not just be aimed at personal profits. Instead, it’s going to be dedicated to the betterment of the Museum of Old and New Art along with side projects.

Federal Group is a very large company, and they own even more than just the Wrest Point Hotel Casino. In fact, the company has a lot of influence in the Tasmanian tourism industry and other sectors of business in Tasmania. This company is quite concerned about the changes to gaming regulations, and they are already taking measures to protect themselves from the competition. They are planning an extremely extensive expansion plan. This expansion plan is going to involve a very large amount of money. In fact, 100 million dollars will be used to expand Wrest Point Hotel Casino. This amount of money will add a lot to the casino. There is going to be a lot of expansion to the casino.