Future Online Casinos Look To Blockchain

Online Casino Blockchain

The technology of blockchain can potentially revolutionize an almost unlimited number of different spaces. The brightest area for this technology is currently in the world of online gambling. The simplest definition of a blockchain is a constantly growing list of records. These are called blocks and secured and linked with cryptography. This technology has a lot of benefits for the arena of online gambling. The technology of blockchain offers an exceptional improvement for the speed of transactions compared to traditional withdrawal and deposit speeds. The time typically required for an online gambling website withdrawal is between three and five days. These withdrawals become almost instantaneous with blockchain.

At the current time the sphere of online gambling is still considered an untrustworthy space. Since the systems are run through a central location it is difficult to determine if the odds are being unfairly stacked against the players. The operations of blockchain are uncompromisingly fair. They make certain there is no cheating from either malicious actors or the casinos. Only individuals who can access the traditional industry of banking can currently participate in online gambling. Cryptocurrencies have enabled any individual with computer and internet access to become a part of online gambling. This means the underserved individuals in unbanked markets can now enter the world of iGaming.

Numerous middlemen have been inconveniently forced into the financial equation by the banks. This translates into additional charges and high fees for customers when they are ready to cash out. There are significantly more efficient and direct transactions being offered by platforms such as CashBet. Most online casinos only offer three to five games. CashBet has a platform powered by blockchain increasing this number to above fifty. This is accomplished with a single business to business platform integration.

Broader adoption of blockchain has become necessary for the arena of online gaming. Despite the current limitations the future looks bright. The reputable operators have already started plunging into online gambling powered by blockchain. Two good examples are the popular fiat operators of Lottery.com and Greentube. They have both taken an early stance on legitimizing the space of online gambling. These companies have an extensive customer base that will soon be able to use cryptocurrency as a method of payment. This adoption will broaden further by the initiation of cryptocurrency tokens able to be used on numerous different websites. A prime example of this type of token is the CashBet coin. This will be used for many of the B2B partners, apps and websites of the company. This will create an effective ecosystem driven by CashBet coin.

There will be a welcome addition to the regulations meant to protect the consumer in the arena of online gambling. Consumers are currently being placed at risk by the unverified licenses and illegal operations of numerous cryptocurrency casinos. The improper laundering procedures are issuing an invitation for criminals and terrorists to launder their money on the sites freely. There is also no protection for the problem gamblers and the youths. As cryptocurrency powered gambling is legitimized by the regulatory authorities this will change.