San Diego Casino Expansion

San Diego is a gorgeous southern California city well known, and even famous, for many sites and activities that attract visitors and tourists yearly from all over the world. Perhaps fewer travelers may know that they have an industry, very lucrative in its own right, that is largely overshadowed by other American locations that are more famous for this terrific means of entertainment and financial draw for the area.

San Diego, unlike such areas as Las Vegas and Atlantic City, which have seen devastating declines in recent years, is enjoying tremendous growth in their casino industry, with considerable investments being made in expansions and renovations of existing casinos in the area a sure sign that this industry, a major income source generating multi-million dollars for the area, is stronger than ever. A certainty that casino life in San Diego is not just merely treading waters is that its emergence in this market is opening up the distinct possibility that San Diego may soon become the new, hot travel destination for gamblers the world over.

While other cities that heavily rely on casino revenues are experiencing downsizing or large-scale closures of casinos, San Diego is experiencing tremendous growth in this market. Half of San Diego’s ten casinos are growing and expanding, thanks in great part to big and small development projects that amount to an estimated $10 billion.

Significant investment will be made to the following casinos- Sycuan Casino, Harrah’s Resort Southern California, Barona Resort & Casino, Pechanga Resort & Casino, and Viejas Casino & Resort. A comprehensive breakdown of the projects each casino are undertaking can be found in the article in The San Diego Union-Tribune piece “Casinos expand, up their game”.

As one can well imagine, with great amounts of money dedicated to each casino and resort to make expansions and improvements of existing facilities, the opportunities to make these casino locations world-class facilities are virtually limitless. The casino gambling area improvements are just the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to making these locations much more attractive to visitors to the area. Jaw dropping improvements and new construction on properties, with competition between resorts leading to newer and greater amenities being provided from one casino operation to the other, benefits visitors tremendously.

Upcoming visitors to San Diego interested in staying at world-class facilities with an interest in casino gaming, as well as staying in luxury accommodations in one of the world’s most beautiful, dynamic cities, should most certainly look into the opportunities these resorts have to offer. They may soon find that San Diego will turn out to be their ultimate travel destination for fun, sun, gaming action, and everything else they may be looking for in their ideal travel destination.