Full Tilt Poker Players Likely To Be Credited Less Than Entitled

Full Tilt Poker is one of the most widely recognized names in online poker across the world.  The website is undergoing a redesign in strategy, which will transform the poker room into a fully regulated online casino.  The site is also preparing its first Canadian-based offline poker tournament at the Playground Poker Club in Montreal later this fall.

While the site is still a welcomed destination at casinos and poker rooms across Canada, the name Full Tilt Poker is less welcomed in the US.  The Full Tilt domain was at the centre of the Black Friday poker scandal in 2011 that shut US players out of their accounts, and led to the US Department of Justice seizing the poker room.

The Department of Justice promised US players they would be returned the funds still in their online poker accounts, and enlisted Garden City Group, an expert in class action lawsuits to return players their money.  Two years later, players are still waiting for the government to return their funds, and GCG is facing criticism for refusing to be transparent about the Full Tilt payback timeline.

The GCG is also under fire for a statement on its website that indicates players could receive less than their full entitlements.

The calculation formula to be used for the Petition for Remission process will be based on players’ final balances with FTP as of April 15 2011.”

The cited date is Black Friday when Full Tilt Poker was seized by the US, though many players still received credits to their accounts after they were frozen by the Department of Justice.  The GCG statement suggests players will not receive any of the money credited after Black Friday, which adds up to thousands of dollars in some cases.

The Poker Players Alliance, an organization representing the interests of US poker players and a supporter of legalized online poker, has yet to respond to the GCG statements, though players are undoubtedly waiting for the PPA to pressure the government into refunding all entitled funds.

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