Full Tilt Casino Will Launch With Online Slots Later This Spring

Rational Group implemented a soft launch earlier this month of the new Full Tilt Poker, which is rebranded as Full Tilt Casino in designated markets.  The preliminary trial uploaded casino games such as European roulette and online blackjack to the new domain.  Meanwhile, sister site PokerStars retained its status as a sole online poker room.

But the Rational Group intends to expand casino gaming at Full Tilt Casino by uploading online slots to the domain.  The company signed an agreement with Leander Games, which is a developer of online slots entertainment with a Bahamas gambling license.  The slots will be integrated alongside the casino games, as well as the traditional poker rooms.

Leander is well regarded by other online gambling entertainment sites, holding partnerships with several different providers.  Despite the developer’s sound reputation, Leander is considered a smaller player compared to other gaming providers like Microgaming or Playtech.

The new agreement with Rational Group will only launch “selected games” to the Full Tilt Casino game, a launch that is not scheduled to occur until the spring.  In a press release from Leander, CEO Steven Matsell is confident the association with Rational Group and Full Tilt Casino will increase his company’s reputation across the online gaming world.

This partnership will change Leander’s position within the marketplace from new kid on the block to a serious contender.

Full Tilt Poker accounts will seemingly transition to Full Tilt Casino once the new domain is released worldwide.  Players who want more online gaming opportunities can take in the new casino games, while those who prefer only poker can shift their accounts to PokerStars through the two domains’ easy navigation.

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