Companies Compete For Zynga’s Social Gaming Crown

The social gaming market is bigger than ever, as game developers from around the world are beginning to see the value in offering games via Facebook and other social networks. Zynga has been the top provider of social games for years, but some companies are confident that they can knock the operator out of the top spot. 

Two companies based in Europe are quickly climbing the ranks of the social gaming world, according to the Wall Street Journal. Wooga and have both beat out EA Games, becoming the second and third most profitable social gaming operators in the world. King was the first company to push EA out of second place while Wooga has just overtaken them both. 
The race is on, but it seems like it will be a long time before anyone can truly catch up to Zynga. Currently Zynga has over 65 million users while the daily users of EA, Wooga and King combined amount to only half of that total. 
Zynga has certainly cornered the social gaming market. Most of the games you play in Facebook and via other social networks are a result of Zynga’s development team. Games from EA, King and Wooga have yet to gain widespread appeal in the social gaming world, so it is tough uphill battle from here. 

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