Four Possible Sites for New GTA Casino

While there has been a great deal of media attention given to possibility that a new casino could be built on the former grounds of Ontario Place, there are actually several potential locations. Recently, the local government has narrowed the possibilities down to four, one of which must be agreed upon by city councillors. 

In the core of downtown Toronto, Ontario Place, Mississauga and Markham are the four choices for the GTA casino. The mayors of all three cities have expressed their interest in hosting the new gambling venue, and it is likely that the competition will be steep. 

Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion is on board with the idea, but requires more information about the project first. Frank Scarpitti, mayor of Markham, will support the casino if it does not conflict with the community’s expectations. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford seems the most dedicated to hosting the casino, stating earlier this week that it would be boon to the local economy.

Previously, municipalities were required to hold referendums in these types of situations. However, the Ontario government recently passed a law that public opinion must be consulted but a referendum is not required. So, local politicians will have most of the day in whether or not they want to vie for the chance to host the new casino.


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