Betsoft Just Launched 4 Seasons Slot Machine

4 Seasons Slot screeenshot big

4-seasons-slot-logoThis time we are here to talk about a new virtual slot machine created by Betsoft Gaming, which has come to add another game to the list of slot machines inspired in the Chinese culture.

4 Seasons, however, is set in a traditional 5 x 3 grid with 30 different pay-lines to help you get the most out of the game by creating lots and lots of combinations.

The design of the game is incredible, as the background alone is able to transport you to a relaxed and comfortable Chinese temple and the reel is beautifully decorated with the 12 animals from the Chinese zodiac, all of them crafted with big ears and eyes and a rather cute smiley face. Tigers, snakes, monkeys, pigs, dragons and others, will be your regular symbols in 4 Seasons.

This virtual slot machine takes the traditional features we are all used to find in most of the games gives them a little twist. The most unconventional feature in this game would be the Seasonal Wheel, which every thirty spins converts three regular symbols in 10x, 5x, and 2x multipliers. These multipliers are always available during your regular spins, which means you will be able to get even more earnings.

What We Love

All the features in this game were made so the players can make the most profits out of the grids. The combinations made with the regular symbols (not multipliers) across all the 30 different pay-lines can grant you a decent amount of credits, even if they are not multiplied by the seasonal wheel. If you manage to combine 5 matching symbols, you will be rewarded with 50 credits, 20 credits for a 4 symbol combination and 10 for a small combination made of 3 symbols.

Every 30 spins the Seasonal Wheel moves one spot to turn the next symbol a multiplier. It has a gold pointer in the middle for the 10x multiplier symbol, and two others for the 5x and 2x ones.

The Seasonal Wheel is certainly one of the most unconventional features in the game thus it gives you the opportunity to multiply your earnings over and over again because the multipliers will always be present in the grid.

4 Seasons Slot screeenshot big

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To multiply the profits even more, 4 Seasons have a Double Up button where you will be asked to choose between heads and tails and hand your luck to a coin. If you select the victorious side, the rewards from your last spin will be doubled.

Last but not least, the wilds in this grid will be the traditional gold cat of luck you all have probably seen in some Chinese restaurants waving its paw back and forth.

This lucky cats will work as your “joker” so you can get better and greater combinations across the 30 pay-lines. Also, if you are able to use the scatters (Ying Yang symbol) to make combinations, the game will reward you with up to 20 Free Spin bonus rounds.

What We Do Not Like

Even though the features in 4 Seasons are quite interesting, these are not that original or groundbreaking. As I said previously, this game gives the traditional way slot machines were played a slight twist.

Betsoft Gaming came up with ideas that were able to improve the rather common things we have all found in the virtual slot machines, but, 4 Seasons does not have what it takes to fulfill an experienced gambler’s expectations.

Worth Playing It?

Do not get me wrong, I believe 4 Seasons is a nice virtual slot machine. It might not be a game full of excitement, but it can certainly entertain you for quite a time.

The jackpot is not as promising but it is decent, but the profitability is really good, as the best features in the game are the lots of multipliers available to help you win an incredible amount of money. Also, if you are new to the world of the slot machines, the simplicity of this game makes it a good candidate for you to start with.

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