Caesars Windsor Raises Money For Victims Of Typhoon Haiyan

Caesars Windsor, one of Canada’s largest and most successful casinos, has a reputation of providing support to the Windsor community and beyond.  The organization raises awareness for important causes, and pledges donations in the event of tragedies in Windsor, Canada, and even on the international stage.

The employees of the casino are exercising their reputations once again with commitments to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.  The storm was an unprecedented disaster that left large portions of the Philippines in ruins, and thousands of innocent victims struggling to pick up the pieces from the storm.

Caesars Windsor employees are pledging their own money to help the victims of the disaster through internal fundraisers, and charitable donations.  The Canadian Red Cross is coordinating financial relief for victims of the storm through the Philippines Relief Fund, where donations from all Canadians will be distributed to the Filipino community overseas.

The goal of Caesars Windsor employees is to raise up to $5,000 in donations, which casino management says the company will match to increase the total contribution to $10,000.  Employees are also organizing an internal bake sale, while gathering bed sheets, linens, and clothing to send off to the Filipino Community Centre – which will then send the items off to the Philippines.

Kevin Laforet, CEO of Caesars Windsor, says the fundraising effort of casino employees is another example of the organization’s commitment to care.

“We are proud of our employees who consistently come forward and ask what they can do to help in our own community.”

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