European Companies Take First Steps Towards American Market

Now that the French online gambling market has opened itself up to international casino operators, the next market to conquer belongs to the United States. PlayTech has already put itself in the opportune position to enter the market, and now others are following suit.

The latest company to reposition itself is European Wagering Services, a wager processor based in the Isle of Man.

EWS has recently acquired the Nevada-based company Watch and Wager (WAW) for $100 000 (US). As part of the new agreement, Watch and Wager will be now be able to access EWS’ current clients and will be associated with all of the companies brand wagering platforms.

Now that all of the paper work has been done, EWS has now set its sights on making the deal concrete. The company plans on opening up a base of operations, for sales and marketing.

“An ‘on the ground’ US gaming licence and business operation also provides EWS with a significant first mover advantage in the US on-line betting and gaming market place.", says Operations Director Ed Comins.

The acquisition will certainly be beneficial to both parties involved and undoubtedly puts EWS in a great position for entering America’s online gambling market, without violate the country’s current online gambling ban.

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