Casino Rama is an Experience Of Its Own

Would Ontario be such a popular destination for gambling without Casino Rama?  Since it was opened in 1996 it has become one of the province’s most popular tourist attractions and home to some of the biggest gambling wins in the country.  Being Canada’s largest First Nations casino, Casino Rama has had a lot of star power to bring people in from solo stars like Tony Bennett to hard core rockers like Kiss.

Located on the Mnjikaning First Nation Reserve in the region surrounding Orillia, Casino Rama has become known as more than just a casino.  Over three million people tour the grounds annually coming for the grand hotel and its spa, the massive entertainment complex, the 10 restaurants that cater to the thousands of daily guests, and of course the casino itself for a little gambling fun.  Even companies will have meetings or outings on the casino grounds inside one of the many conference centres established on site.

Because of its popularity there are plans for further expansion.  Casino Rama’s media relations manager Jenna Hunter says a new wing for the hotel is being planned since the current capacity is near maxed out throughout the year; along with plans for another restaurant and more space for table games like poker and blackjack.  These plans are currently in an investment proposal being submitted to Casino Rama’s owner Penn National Gaming Inc.

The casino itself is home to over 2500 slot machines including “mighty millionaire” slot games with grand prizes worth over $1 million; along with 110 table games for a mix of luck and skill, various restaurant settings, and a 5,000 seat entertainment centre for live acts and performances to amaze the audience.

Casino Rama is known as a place to score big; the casino has given away nearly $5 million in jackpot prizes alone this year.  There was also a record set in 2008 when one woman won a $9 million jackpot during her visit.  In the coming weeks and throughout the rest of the year there will be other grand prizes up for grabs but the games have to be played.

If you want a truly encapsulating experience at one of the top casino resorts in Ontario and all of Canada, Casino Rama is waiting for you.

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