The Emergence and Momentum of .Casino Domain Sales

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betting on sportsThe casino business is big, though “big” may be an understatement. The industry touts a multibillion dollar value and caters to players and clients in just about very region of the world, both in person and online. In fact, the global casino industry has been on the upswing for 5 years running with a projected 2015 revenue of $182.7 billion. Now, with the offering of .Casino as a TLD available for purchase, companies in this market are discovering a new way to effectively reach their clientele through a more customizable branding tool. As the market trends shift more towards internet-based commerce, these domains are bound to skyrocket in value as a result of demand for online gaming.

Making its First Appearance

The .Casino domain name became registered and eligible to be purchased on June 4th of 2015. As the growing popularity in online casinos continues to march forward, establishments are looking for new ways to market their services on the web-based medium. Given the direct correlation between this domain and the casino industry, there is now an authentic and unique means for advertisement through the name of the website itself. Also, the resulting popularity from being able to game online is pushing casinos to drive traffic to their websites through internet marketing, opening the door for the .Casino name to be used in more ways than one.

Some of the more appealing domain names were found at Sedo the world’s marketplace for domain names.

A small list of some the more attractive names still available are:


Sites Being Purchased Quickly

Sales have already pick to gain steam in regards to the .Casino domain, with initial investments in the hundreds now selling in the thousands. In fact, many domains bearing the .Casino name are being purchased for over $2000 at the present time and some of the asking prices are reaching the $10,000-20,000 level, though how this pans out in the short-term remains to be seen. As more online casinos are established in the future there will more than likely be an upward shift in the presence of .Casino web addresses, with popular names fetching top dollar and niche websites progressively being snatched up.

Gambling with an Investment Opportunity?

After seeing a spark in the infancy of this domain’s start, the question will become where this leaves the curious investor. It helps to look at historical trends as they relate to casino websites. From the .Com era, websites bearing the names like “slots” and “casino” went on to be sold for millions in response to the demand for high-traffic searches online and memorable but simple names, as studies show a preference for direct visits to sites over search results. The .Casino name is not only unique, but as a suffix it opens up the market for branding freedom and gives online casinos the edge in gaining direct hits. This is a fledgling market right now, but it is bound to spread its wings in the months and years to come.