PartyPoker Predicts Over 25 Percent Mobile Poker Wagers By End Of 2014

The popularity of online poker is slowly transitioning into mobile poker, which gaming analysts describe as the next logical step in the growth of digital poker gaming.  PartyPoker, one of the founders of large collaborative online poker rooms, predicts the volume of mobile poker bets could rise to as much as 30 percent of all digital poker transactions.

PartyPoker was one of the most successful online card rooms to hit the web when it went live in 2001.  Over the years, the site lost its dominant position in the market to rivals PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, though it remains a popular destination for poker players around the world.  The card room is powered by digital entertainment, and sponsored by the very successful World Poker Tour.

Jeffrey Haas, head of poker operations at PartyPoker, was one of the architects of the company’s strategic shift towards mobile poker.  PartyPoker launched a new mobile poker app on the iOS operating system for iPhone and iPad devices to correlate with a successful Android poker app that was previously launched.

Haas believes mobile players play in a different way than players who bet online.  He says that mobile players often play while on the go and are consequently distracted by outside influences.  As a result, they tend to play shorter sessions but are willing to stake larger wagers.

People typically play three times as many hands.  Unfortunately, they also lose faster on their mobile because people have less focus.

Haas and his team at PartyPoker also predict that by the end of 2014, over one quarter of poker wagers will be made on mobile gaming platforms, growing substantially year after year thereafter.

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