Canadians Authorities Not Concerned With Offshore Gambling

In the wake of the recent shutdown of, a Canadian-owned gambling website, by American authorities, concerns have been raised about illegal online gambling in Canada. While our American counterparts are overly concerned with shutting down online casino websites, the Canadian government seems more relaxed – but why is that? A report on covers this issue. 

Canadian gaming laws state that provincial governments are only allowed to launch their own online gambling sites. However, hundreds of websites exist that are operator by offshore entities, but the Canadian government has not stepped in to stop these sites from offering their services to Canadian players. 

In an interview with, law professor Stanley Sadinsky believes that Canadian authorities are more concerned with other issues at the moment. 

“It’s not their top priority," he says. “They have bigger fish to fry”.

Residents of the country have yet to make a big deal about the online gambling market here. So, authorities have not pursued the issue. According to Sadinsky, a ‘public outcry’ would warrant cracking down on offshore gambling website; however, Canadians seem to have accepted that the offshore gambling market exists and continues to thrive. 


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