New South Wales and the Sports Betting Commercial Ban

An unexpected turn of events could have significant ramifications all throughout New South Wales. Perhaps the ripple effect may have an impact in all of Australia. What has occurred? The New South Wales government has issued a ban on commercials promoting live odds betting. The specifics of the an focus on advertisements that appear on sports broadcasts. Not surprisingly, the gaming industry is not very thrilled over this development but there is not exactly anything can be done. Well, lobbying efforts could go into effect to try and get the new regulations repealed but the odds of that occurring are very limited.

The ban does not go into effect immediately. Instead, the ban is slated to occur at some point in March of 2016.Why is the ban being imposed? Basically, the powers-that-be in the New South Wales government have more than a few problems with these types of commercials. A concern among officials is that the commercials promote impulsive activity. People may see the commercials and immediately attempt to log into an online gambling website and wager without really knowing the risks and consequences of doing so.

Live odds betting has been singled out because is focuses on sports wagering. Someone may be watching a football match at 8 P.M., see the commercial, and then place a wager on a 9 P.M. game. Then again, with novel new concepts such as “in play betting”, a person could make a wager on the same game in which the commercial aired.

Still, it is a bit of a stretch to assume people would be pulled into impulsive wagering just because they watched a commercial. The commercial would have to be enormously compelling in order to have that type of an effect.

The sports gambling industry is growing and growing in Australia. There really should not be any surprise as to why it is growing. Professional and amateur sports are popular. Casino and internet gambling are popular. Winning money is always popular. All of these elements end up coming together and draw in people who have an interest in sports and wagering.

No matter how popular sports gambling is, sportsbooks are not going to experience any level of success unless they are able to effectively market to an audience. Broadcasting commercials promoting odds definitely captures people’s attention.

Limits on how a sportsbook can advertise definitely creates a stumbling block. Do not look for the Australian gambling industry to collapse though. Again, the ban is only going in effect (so far) in New South Wales. Whether or not the ban ends up being taken up by other governments remains to be seen.

The ban on advertising may have some marginal effect, but the gaming industry is sure to maintain its huge customer base.