AGCC Leaves Former FTP Players to the Own Devices

 Former Full Tilt Poker players have been waiting for months to get some information about their winnings. Previously, the AGCC offered players some help, but it seems the commission is removing itself from the situation. Now, the Alderney Gaming Control Commission is redirecting players to other sources in order to find out about their winnings and deposits. 

Recently, The AGCC has revoked Full Tilt Poker’s license. As such, the commission can not longer be the intermediary between Full Tilt and former players. The AGCC has provided three options for players to undertake should they want to continue pursuing their winnings. 

First, Full Tilt Poker must provide a player email address. Former players would be able to contact Full Tilt via this address concerning any issues about their winnings. Once the address is live, the AGCC will post it on its website. 

Also, players who believe that they have been a victim of crime inflicted by Full Tilt Poker are being redirected to their local authorities. Finally, the AGCC makes note of the class-action lawsuits launched by various groups in the UK, Canada and the United States. The AGCC did not provide contact details, however, and redirected users to an internet search. 

With the AGCC stepping aside, things are looking bleak. It seems like the best solution would be to get involved in a class-action lawsuit involving players from your country. 


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