A New Group Has Joined the Battle Against New Jersey Casinos

The state of New Jersey has a very limited number of options when it comes to casinos, or at least a limited number of regions in the state that have them. In fact, the only place throughout New Jersey that has a casino option for gamers in in Atlantic City. However, this might soon change as state legislators are considering the option of adding in more casinos through the northern part of the state. This will offer extra financial aid for Atlantic City and will also bring in

This will offer extra financial aid for Atlantic City and will also bring in much-needed revenue for the slim state budget. This will be voted on by the people as a referendum will be added onto state ballots, which will give voters the ability to voice their opinions about the state adding in more casinos. This announcement has been seen as promising by many individuals, while others have taken up against the addition of new casinos. Groups have popped up all over the state to voice their support and opposition, and now state news agencies have begun taking notice of a that has joined the fight – Trenton’s Bad Bet.

This group is opposed to New Jersey adding in more casino venues within the state. Trenton’s Bad Bet considers themselves to be a diverse and organized group that will work to prevent the state from expanding the current gaming market in New Jersey. It consists of union members, various businesses, and community leaders and residents alike. The group is based out of North Jersey and has its headquarters placed out of Newark, and decided to go public with their opposition on July 30th.

Trenton’s Bad Bet released a press release that detailed their opposition to the new legislator that would allow for more casinos in the northern part of New Jersey, which states that the group works to represent the northern region of the state that would be directly impacted by the new casinos being built in their region. However, they also claim that they also work to uphold the interests of southern New Jersey as their own economy and quality of life would be affected as a result of this new proposition.

Bill Cortese is the Executive Director for the group, and he has stated that right now the goal of the group is to just spread awareness and gain more support against the addition of new casinos in New Jersey. He wants voters to understand just how detrimental the deal would be for the average taxpayer. They want every resident to have a voice, and for that voice to fight against this new proposed bill. He feels as if the state has only announced the plans on a golden platter and hasn’t truly shared information and details that would go into it, and prefer to introduce this bill through the back door by giving the public a lack of knowledge about the whole process and cons to the project.

The group is another addition to the many groups already standing for and against the bill.