Calgary Man Verifies Winning Lotto Max MaxMillions $1 Million Prize

Lotto Max has changed the lives of another Canadian family in Calgary.  Dean Banman learned he won $1 million from the January 17 Lotto Max jackpot draw, and intends to use the money to help his family acquire new homes.

The draw occurred nearly two weeks ago, but Banman did not learn he was a winner until earlier this week.  The Calgary man was shopping at a local store that happened to have a self service ticket checker onsite.  After verifying the ticket numbers, Banman celebrated being $1 million richer.

The Lotto Max draws include a main jackpot as well as multiple side prizes called MaxMillions in the amount of $1 million.  The numbers on Banman’s ticket matched the numbers for one of the MaxMillions prizes, which made the Calgary player a winner despite not winning the grand jackpot.

After verifying the ticket numbers, Banman says it took a phone call to his family to let the feeling of winning truly sink in.

I called my dad right away.  I told him to start looking for a house.

Banman intends to use the money to provide for his family.  His first priority is to help his parents acquire a new home in the city, an investment many people in Calgary are making as a result of the flooding last summer.  Once his parents are secure in a new home, Banman says he will then acquire a new property of his own, and potentially a new car.

The next Lotto Max draw will take place on January 31, with an estimated jackpot of $30 million along with a handful of MaxMillions prizes.

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