Caesars Entertainment Corporation Rated the Best Workplace for LGBTQ People

Caesars Entertainment Corporation is a public gaming company headquartered in Paradise, Nevada United States of America. It was founded on 29th of October, 1937 by William F. Harrah under the name Harrah’s Entertainment. Harrah’s Entertainment changed to Caesars Entertainment Corporation in 2005 after purchasing the Caesar Entertainment Inc. for 10.4 billion dollars. This was formerly the gambling division of the Hilton Hotels.

The company being one of the world’s most diverse and geographically spread gaming-entertainment provider is listed as the fourth biggest gaming corporation worldwide. Caesars Entertainment has grown through the expansion, acquisition, and development of new resorts and properties. It now owns and runs over 50 hotels and casinos with at least seven golf courses all under it different brands. The company operates in 5 different countries of the world and 13 states of the USA. The company’s resorts operate mainly under three primary brands. These are the Horseshoe, Caesars, and Harrah’s brands.

It registers yearly returns of 8.6 billion dollars and has over 33,000 employees. Although it is a public company, a majority of its shares are privately owned by companies such as TPG Capital, Paulson and Co., and Apollo Global Management.

Caesar Entertainment Corporation was the first company in the gaming and hospitality industry to institute an LGBTQ business resource group (BRG) for its employees. It was also the first company in the industry to provide protection and discretion of transgender employees and guests through training members and staff about rules and policies related to the transgender community.

The company partnered with HRC and other organizations to reinforce the Equality Act Law that guarantees the protection of the LGBTQ people under already existing human civil rights laws. The company has shown support to businesses certified by LGBTQ through National Gay and Lesbians Chamber of Commerce. This is to fulfill its commitment to businesses owned by veterans, women and the minority groups.

Caesars was given a perfect 100 percent score by the CEI on the 2018 survey for the 11th year consecutively. The Corporate Equality Index (CEI) is a survey that benchmarks companies, corporations, and organizations on policies and practices related to gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, and queer (LBTQ) rights implementations. This surveys and reports are administered by the Human Rights Foundation.

The score was given as a designation and a recommendation as the best place to work for LGBTQ people. The corporation offers benefits for domestic partners, workplace protection against discrimination, health-care benefits for transgender people, publicly engaging in competency programs with the LGBTQ group. According to the Vice President of Caesars Entertainment’s Corporate Responsibility and Public Policy Jan J. Blackhurst, the company has been at the forefront of implementing liberal policies to protect human rights.

Caesars Entertainment Corporation’s main goal is to build loyalty and value with its guests through a unique blend of great service, technology control, effective excellence, unmatched distribution and exceptional products. Caesars Entertainment is committed to environmental maintenance and conservation, energy preservation and understands the significance of responsibly using the environment.