Brampton Couple Has A Baby, Then Wins The Lottery

A new family and new millionaires – that’s the story for one Brampton couple over the last several weeks.  The couple welcomed their new baby to the world last month, and became nearly $18.8 million richer on March 22 courtesy of Lotto 649.

Jaspreet and Gurbhej Sran very rarely play any lottery game, but took a gamble on Lotto 649 shortly after the birth of their new baby.  The initial bet won the couple a free ticket to play another round, and that free ticket turned out to be the $18.8 million jackpot winner.

The couple visited the OLG office in Toronto this week to claim their life changing prize.  Under the OLG’s rules, the identities of lottery winners are not publicly shared until after the ticket is validated, and the prize is claimed.

Holding her newborn in her arms, Jaspreet told the OLG that she insisted to her husband they check their ticket at the local store shortly after the draw.  She says she had an inherent feeling that there was a prize attached to that ticket – though she never expected it would be the jackpot.

“The self-checker said ‘Big Winner, see retailer,’ so we thought maybe we’d won $10,000.  We were so surprised to find out it was much, much more!”

The couple is originally from India, and both still have family on the other side of the world.  One of the first things they plan to do is bring both their parents to Canada, and make some investments for their futures, including a fund for their new baby.  The couple also believes in helping those in need, and will commit money to charitable causes both in Canada and India.

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