Bet You Never Thought a UFO Could Make You a Millionaire

London bookies are taking bets for all kinds of possibilities at the Olympics; from things going wrong at the opening ceremonies to the likely outcome of events between rival countries, there’s a chance to lay down some money on almost anything.  But the most outlandish bet has to go to what lies out there in the sky.  People have placed legitimate bets on whether a UFO would appear at the opening ceremonies and by evidence captured on video, an argument can be made some people have won a lot of money.

William Hill, one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the gambling industry, has offered gamblers the chance to bet on the odds of a UFO appearing over Olympic stadium during the opening ceremonies.  Those odds are, wait for it, 1000 to 1 if a UFO happened to appear.  While this started as likely just a throwaway bet for fun, it turned into a reemergence of the debate over alien life and along with it, a gambler’s dream to strike it rich.

But in the fallout of news coverage that appears to show a green, unidentified flying object passing over the stadium as the flame was lit punters are demanding answers.  With the 1000 to 1 odds, even a throwaway £1 bet means a £1000 return and according to insiders at William Hill, there was even a punter who put £1000 on the line which would mean a £1,000,000 return.  But gamblers are being refused payment from William Hill, who says that confirmation from Prime Minister David Cameron must be given before any money can be distributed.  Not surprisingly, people got angry.

As a result, they have suspended any more bets to be placed on this or any other possible UFO sightings for the rest of the Olympics.  It just goes to show be careful what you take bets for; as out there and unlikely some bets may seem, in this world and possibly others anything can happen.

So, was there really a UFO sighting at the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony? You be the judge:

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