Atlantic Lottery Corporation Considers Television Betting

Lottery providers across Canada have recently been working on new ways to engage players through interactive means. While the British Columbia Lottery Commission and Loto Quebec have decided to launch online gambling websites, Atlantic Lottery Corporation is looking into the option of offering television betting.

Recently, the ALC issued a request, looking for information that would help its employees better understand interactive television technology. It seems that the company wants to use this innovation in combination with its existing gambling offerings. 

The request explained the Atlantic Lottery Corporations reasons for wanting to learn more about television betting. In order to increase sales and offer players more convenience, it seems like a beneficial solution. 

"Seizing the right technology solution is critical, not only for sales growth but more importantly for player attraction and engagement," the ALC states in its request. 

Entry into the interactive television market could open plenty of doors for the Lottery Corporation. There are many opportunities out there, as reality television betting and in-game sportsbetting are becoming increasingly popular. If spectators can use the same devices on which they watch these programs to place bets at the same time, a revolutionary innovative for the gambling market could arise. 


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