Atlantic Lottery Corporation Considers Overseas Markets

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation has recently been brainstorming ways to increase profits. The company’s most recent idea is the expansion of its operations into European markets and the United States, a proposal which is expected to boost profits. 

The corporation has had a difficult time recently, as profits have been waning. There has been a shift in demographics in the Maritime provinces, which has seen fewer residents playing the lottery. Additionally, online gambling has taken over a portion of the ALC’s market share. 

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation has decided not to venture into the online gambling market; instead, it is looking at other ways of generating revenue. The company is eyeing Albania, a small but effective gambling market in Europe. The consideration for entering the United States’ market is also wise, as the gambling is becoming an increasingly popular activity in the country. 

This is just one of several new ideas that the Atlantic Lottery Corporation is considering. Earlier this month, the ALC announced its interest in Interactive Television Betting. It seems that the lottery is really struggling to increase its profits, so it is hoped that these new expansion ideas will provide an influx of revenue to contribute to the local government. 



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