Gamblers Increasingly Attracted To TV Themed Slots

Slot machines remain a symbol of casinos, online casinos, and the gambling industry as a whole.  Developers like to experiment with new themes, backgrounds, and entertainment value for many new slot machines.  Some of these ideas took off in Las Vegas, and are growing ever more popular in Canadian casinos as well.

John Drake, VP of Marketing at Casino Rama near Orillia Ontario, says the most lucrative and popular slot machines today are based on successful TV shows.  Las Vegas casinos host slots based on “CSI,” “American Idol,” or “Family Guy” and frequently attract a regular crowd of players.

The manufacturers do this because they want to build games that have a huge revenue potential.  They’ve invested millions into developing games.”

Drake says Canadian casinos rent or lease many of the TV-themed slots for their players as well.  Toronto-born Howie Mandel, who became very well-known as host of “Deal or No Deal,” lends his voice to a slot machine based on the popular show, which Drake believes will prove very popular with fellow Canadians. 

A sneak peak at this summer’s Global Gaming Exposition revealed early development of slots based on “The Walking Dead,” which has many gamers speculating if series like “Breaking Bad” or “The Sopranos” won’t also be immortalized in slot format.

According to Drake, approximately 80 of the 2,500 slot machines at Casino Rama are based on TV shows.  The casino will spend more money leasing TV-themed slots, but Drake believes the investment, both for the casino and the slot designers, is worth it to satisfy gamers, who continuously show they want more of the TV slots.

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