Alberta Natives Want Changes to Gambling Laws

First Nations groups in Alberta have recently called on the government to make some changes to the province’s gambling laws. The groups want the provincial government to examine the way in which First Nation casino funds are being distributed among not-for-profit organizations. 

Current laws state that 40% of all gaming revenues from First Nations casinos must be used to fund charities and not-for-profit groups concerning natives. Of that total, 90% can be used to fund project hosted by the group that owns the casino while the other 10% can fund the project of other Native groups. This plan has worked out well over the past few years, but First Nations are concerned about the remainder of their casinos’ funds. 

30% of funds generated by slots at First Nation casino are given to the Alberta Lottery Fund, which them distributes the money to charities with which it is associated. Native groups do not believe that this is fair, as the money First Nation casinos are generating are being used to forward the development of Albertans, while Native charities still require a great deal of financial assistance. 

According to a recent report, First Nations casinos have generated increasingly more money for the Alberta Lottery Fund. However, Native groups do not benefit more from it. This has been called unfair by First Nations leaders, and they hope that the provincial government will re-examine these laws. 


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