Zynga Launches Social Gambling Application

Zynga Slots is the latest offering from Zynga Casino, the gaming operator’s social gambling offering. It is a mobile application available for iOS devices like the iPad, iPhone and iPod, which provides players with access to online slots games in a social gaming setting.

"Zynga Slots brings the thrill of Las Vegas slot machines to the palm of players’ hands while introducing social elements for players to share the excitement with their friends," said Justin Cinicolo of Zynga Mobile.

The new application will come equipped with a wide range of online slots, developed exclusively for this new offering. There will be a number of unique games available for players to try out, which cannot be found at any other online gaming sites; so players will be in for a very exciting experience.

One of the great things about this online application is that players can level up as they progress in the game. As they level up, players unlock new themes for games. Some of them are even based on popular Zynga titles like Farmville, which will certainly encourage  players to climb the levels of Zynga Slots. Another great feature includes mini games and interactive characters that guide you through the game.

Offline mode will also provide players the chance to play their games even when they’re not connected to the internet. This will allow them to take part while on the subway or in areas will low signals. It is a unique approach for social gaming applications, one which players will certainly enjoy.

Like all Zynga games, Zynga Slots can be synced with Facebook and other social networking sites. This means that players can invite friends and share their progress, offering up the full social gaming experience to Zynga Slots players.

This is a great step forward for Zynga, if the company plans on entering the online gambling market. This new game shows the digital world that Zynga knows what it is doing when it comes to engaging players in a social gambling capacity. So, if Zynga decides to open an online casino, this will be a great stepping stone for the company.


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