AGA Releases Latest Public Survey that Shows Majority of American Voters Favor Casinos

Just weeks after withdrawing its support for online gambling legislations, the American Gaming Association (AGA) released the results of an annual survey indicating that majority of the American voters are in favor of casinos.

Almost 6 out of ten voters who participated in the political survey believe that casinos improve communities and local economies. More than seventy percent of the voters surveyed, acknowledge casinos as job creators, while about 60 percent opine that casinos boost local economies. Majority believes that casinos should not be treated differently from other businesses and therefore be required to pay their fair share of mandatory taxes.

The release of the national telephone survey results coincided with AGA’s publication of the latest report that showed an increase of more than one percent in the national gross gaming revenues; from a previous $37.34 billion in 2012 to the most recent $37.78 billion in 2013. AGA President and CEO Geoff Freeman, states that in line with the findings disclosed by the survey, “the AGA will aggressively pave the way for policies that reflect voters’ favorable view of gaming, as an industry that protects jobs and promotes innovation.”

The survey was conducted by the CEO of the Mellman Group Mark Mellman, the pollster for the democratic platform and Glen Bolger, founder and partner of Public Opinion Strategies, whose political sentiments are aligned with the Republicans. Based on the results of the nationwide telephone survey, it was gathered that the proportion of America’s casino visitors is not reflective of any partisan leanings. Of the survey respondents who provided answers to questions aimed at profiling the typical casino visitor, 39 percent are reportedly Democrats, 32 percent are supporters of independent parties and 29 percent are Republican voters.

The Mellman Group CEO commented that regardless of political and ideological views and geographic divisions, majority of the American voters believe that casinos in their communities have a positive effect. Accordingly, about 63 percent of those who visit their casinos also patronize the local small businesses and other attractions of their localities.

Bolger, of the Public Opinion Strategies said that the results of the survey painted a picture of U.S. casino visitors in a different light and contrary to what others perceive them to be. Most of those who contributed information about their casino activities are between 21 to 59 years of age, of which many earns around $60K to $99K annually.

Nearly two out of three of those who regularly visit casinos are homeowners who are also church regulars, of which 26 percent are evangelicals characterized as “Born-Again Christians”. Seventy percent of those who visit casinos belong to the middle class and upper-middle class who also provide support to their community through volunteer work and/or by giving contributions.

More importantly, almost 75 percent of those who qualify as casino visitors make it a point to set a limit on the amount they intend to spend as gambling money before entering a casino, usually at less than $200. Sixty-three percent of those who visit casinos explained that they do so for the sake of fun and as a way of socializing with their friends and family.

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