Lotto 6/49 Winners Will Keep Their Jobs

Winning the lottery is a life-changing event for anyone lucky enough to cash in. Most winners dream of buying a new home, quitting their jobs and travelling around the world. However, the most recent winners of the Lotto 6/49 jackpot do not plan on playing by the rules, Ron and Susannah Higgs have announced that they will continue working even after their $25 million win.
The Higgs family seems to be perfect content with their everyday lives. Ron is pleased to continue working at his job in a steel mill while Susannah is happy to return to work next week at her engineering firm. They are very happy to continue on about their lives, despite earning a life-changing jackpot prize. It is rare to see a family reluctant to quit their jobs after winning a generous lottery prize, but the Higgs are happy to keep everything the same in the lives.
Susannah and Ron have decided that their first plans for the money will benefit their loved ones. Over the weekend, the couple gathered their family members to announce how they would be offering up cash gifts. $12 million will be spent on their friends and family, demonstrating just how generous this couple is. The Higgs have also announced that they will be spending their winnings on donation to their favourite charities, as well.
“We have four favourite charities that we’ll give to,” Susannah says. “I hope they’ll be happy.”
Across Ontario and British Columbia, three $1 million prizes were claimed; however, the winners’ names have not been published. The upcoming lottery 6/49 draw will be worth $20 million; so, some other lucky family will be able to follow in the footsteps of Ron and Susannah Higgs.

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