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Space evader

In this game, your mission is to help the alien get back to his spaceship in order to escape the horrors of this alien planet. You will help him do that by rolling the dice and helping him move on circles to get to the ship. On the way, you will stumble upon rewards and…

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Crypt crusade

In this game, you will have to help an explorer get to the ultimate riches that lie at the middle of the crypt. You will do that by rolling the dice that comes in the form of a compass. Players have a maximum of seven spins. On the way, players will earn multipliers and will…

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Bunny boiler

In this game, players will roll the dice in order to determine how many squares the bunny will move. Players will come across multipliers as they move around the game. There are also death signs that will instantly kill the bunny, so players better avoid them. Microgaming invites players to accompany a cute bunny as…

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