Bunny boiler

Bunny Boiler GameIn this game, players will roll the dice in order to determine how many squares the bunny will move. Players will come across multipliers as they move around the game. There are also death signs that will instantly kill the bunny, so players better avoid them.

Microgaming invites players to accompany a cute bunny as he goes deep into the rabbit hole in search for his carrot jackpot. Of course, players who help the bunny will not be paid in carrots but they will be paid in great cash prizes. The game looks like an arcade and a board game that resembles the board games that we used to play as children where we used to roll the dice and move an object for a number of spaces.

Players will first choose how much credits they want to place on the game. This wager will determine how much they will get back in payouts as the winnings are multiplied by the stake that they have placed. Like most Microgaming arcade/scratch cards, players can place their wanted bets at the bottom of the screen.

The betting range varies between 0.5 and 10. After players choose the bet, they will click on New Game so the game can get started. Once they do that, they will click on roll dice to see how many spaces will the bunny go. Players will see the red dice thrown on the screen and according to the number on the dice the bunny will move.

The bunny will find different spots that he can land on. There is the carrot spot, which is a safe spot where he will grab a carrot and have fun and live for another roll. There is also the payout spot in which players will get paid and there is the death spot that is marked with bones and a skull. If the bunny lands on it, he will die and the game will be over. Players only have 6 rolls to reach the jackpot and they will be paid according to the last payout they have passed.


Bunny boiler is a very fun game that allows players to go on a very dangerous journey with a bunny who is trying to locate the carrot jackpot.