Crypt crusade

crypt crusade gameIn this game, you will have to help an explorer get to the ultimate riches that lie at the middle of the crypt. You will do that by rolling the dice that comes in the form of a compass. Players have a maximum of seven spins. On the way, players will earn multipliers and will also have to avoid stepping on death signs.

Crypt Crusade is an arcade game that is powered by none other than Microgaming. This is why online players are invited to enjoy a wonderful gaming experience that is thrilling and highly rewarding. This gaming experience invites players to go deep into the tombs of the ancient Egyptian kings as they search for the hidden treasure. This is because these ancient kings of Egypt were known for getting buried with their gold, this is why plenty of people go tomb raiding in their tombs so they can claim the fortunes that they hold.

In this game, players will accompany an explorer, an adventurer, and a tomb raider as he goes deep into the crypt of one of the ancient kings in search for treasures and fortune, this is why the game is entitled Crypt Crusade. Since it is an arcade game, players will begin by placing a bet. This bet can be placed at the bottom area as players click on the + and – signs in order to go through the available bets, they vary between 0.5 and 10 credits per game. After the players decide on how many credits they wish to place, they will move on and start the game by clicking on the New Game button.

Players will then click on roll in order to see how many spaces will the explorer move. Instead of the usual dice roll, players will see a compass that has numbers instead of directions and the pin will spin around until it lands on a number, this is the number that the explorer will move. The explorer can land on a safe spot that will make him safe to play for another roll, and there is the payout spot and there is the death spot in which the explorer will die a horrific death.

Since it is an arcade game, players will see several spots on which the crusader can land. It all depends on the roll of the dice. Before we can get into all of that, players will first have to place a wager, they can do that by choosing a wager from the available wagers at the bottom left side in the Stake cell. The wagering range varies between 0.5 and 10. After players toggle between the available bets and choose the one they want, they will start the game.

They can start the game by clicking on New Game, which is found in the middle of the screen at the bottom. This will initiate the game. Instead of the usual dice roll, the crusader will move according to the numbers in the compass. The compass pin will spin and it will settle at a number, this will show you how many spots will the crusader move. The crusader only has six spins and if he does not reach the jackpot in these 6 spins, the game will be over.

There are different types of spots. For example, there is the safe spot which is presented by a wooden plank. If the crusader land on this spot, he will not earn a payout and he will not die, it is a spot where the crusader will be safe and alive to enjoy another spin. There are the checkpoints which are represented by a number of golden coins. Of course, the number of coins and their value depends on the wager, this is why while players are placing the wager, they will see these values change and they change the stake. When players land at these spots or get passed them, they will win such amount even if they die or run out of spins. There are the death spots if the crusader lands on them, he will die instantly and the game will end.

Since this is the gold edition of the game, it has an extra feature that is not found in the normal game which is the teleportation spot. It is marked with a green arrow. When players land on this spot, the crusader will teleport immediately onto the next spot that has the same sign, this gives players the ability to get closer to the jackpot without using a spin and while avoiding all of the death signs in between the two teleportation spaces.