Space evader

space evader slotgameIn this game, your mission is to help the alien get back to his spaceship in order to escape the horrors of this alien planet. You will help him do that by rolling the dice and helping him move on circles to get to the ship. On the way, you will stumble upon rewards and multipliers but you will also have to avoid the death signs.

An Alien crash lands on a dangerous unknown planet that is filled with horrific perils that threaten his life. He can see his mother ship but there are many things that lie between him and his ride home. There are plenty of dangers and perils that he will have to avoid in order to reach the ship and go back home. It is the players’ task to help the alien get home safely by aiding him in reaching his ship.

In order for players to engage in such task, they will have to bet some of their money on each game, these stakes are found on the left bottom side at the stake cell where players can check out the different wagers and choose the wager that fits them. The bets available usually vary between 0.5 and ten per game. After players have determined the stake, they can click on New Game to start the game.

They will then click on Roll to make the first move. Numbers will start to appear in the middle of the screen until one number remains still, this is the number of spots that the alien will move. The alien is found on the right side and he will try to make his way to different spots and pass on the canyon to reach the ship.

There are different spots that the alien can land on. Like any other Microgaming arcade game, there are the neutral safe spots in which no harm will come to the alien, there are the payout spots in which players will earn great rewards and there are the killer spots in which the alien will die a horrific death. Each game contains only 6 rolls in which players will try to reach as far as they can so they can claim a payout.

This is one of the more entertaining arcade games available from any of the casino software developers. Players that enjoy board games, or just battling aliens for real money prizes, will love this game. It’s fun for free play and even better when real money wagers are on the line.

Space Evader Gold is an online arcade casino game in which players are tasked with helping an alien get back to his spaceship so he can find his way back to his planet after he lands on an alien planet. This planet is vicious and filled with dangers and players will help him face these dangers as he tries to find his way to the ship. Players will be rewarded for their help. The closer they get the alien to the ship, the more money they get.

In this online arcade game, players will start off by placing a bet, these bets are found at the bottom of the screen. After they place their wagers, they will click on New Game to start the game. Like any arcade board game, players will roll the dice by clicking on “roll”. A Number will then appear in the middle of the screen. This number will determine how many spaces the alien will move. The alien has a set trail that leads to the ship. This trail is filled with different spots.

There is the blue spot, in which the alien can land safely and will survive for another round. There is the dangerous red spot in which the alien will die. There is also a green spot, which is only existent in the Gold Edition of the game, when the alien lands on it, he will automatically teleport to the other spot that has the same color. Lastly, there is the yellow spot, which players will earn a payout.

Players have 8 turns to reach as far as they can. If the eight rounds are over and players did not reach the ship. They will be paid according to the last yellow spot that they have reached.


Space Evader is a flash board game that is developed by the team at Microgaming.