Opposition to Single Game Sportsbetting

 A recent report in The Canadian (Agora Cosmopolitan), an editorial expressed the other side of the issue, one in which residents do not support additional gambling activities. While politicians believe that regulation would be safer for citizens, some Canadians think the complete opposite. 

They believe that legalizing additional forms of gambling in Canada would be harmful to society, opening doors for organized crime and scams that target players. But, the point in legalizing single-game sportsbetting is to prevent crime from taking place in the industry and to protect players. 

Currently, players who wish to gamble on single sporting events must use offshore gambling website or other means. These outlets are not regulated by the Canadian government, so banning the activity actually harms the player in the end.

Comartin’s bill has just passed through its second reading, and continues to gain a great deal of support. As such, single game sportsbetting is expected to be legalized in the new year. 


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