German Regulation to Capture Only 7% of Gambling Market

A recent study has revealed that the German online gambling legislation would only regain 7% of the total online gambling market in the country. In countries like Italy and France, the regulated market obtained more than 20% of the black market gambling industry, but Germany’s outlook does not look as successful.

According to H2 Gambling Capital, Germany’s online gambling market would generate €833 million in the year 2012, a number that would grow to €957 million by the year 2015. Unfortunately, the statistics also show that only 7.3% of this total would come from regulated online gambling websites.

It is believed that Germany’s proposed online gambling law is alienating many online gambling companies, who will attempt to continuing operating without licenses once the legislation is passed. With this much resistance, the majority of operators will remain at offshore locations and it is likely that their player bases will do so, as well.

The controversial gaming law states calls for operators to pay a 16.67% turnover tax, despite the European Commission’s wishes for a gross profits tax. The law has yet to be passed, and it is likely that it will need a great deal of revision before Germany regulates its online gambling market.

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