Dating Websites Get Involved In Online Gaming

The social networking market is booming, but website operators are always looking for some new and interesting to engage players. While gaming has become a popular aspect for Facebook users, online dating websites are now testing out new and innovative apps, presenting users with a new way to connect online. is leading the way in the online dating gaming market. The website offers users two-player head-to-head games, which allow them to get to know each other in a new way. One of the new games is Romance Rip-Off, where the two parties can create their own love story. They can instant message each other while the game is taking place to share their progress and simply make small talk. Cooperating and competing in games often open up new facets of relationships, and it is a great way for dating site users to connect.

"I don’t think there’s anything that’s quite like this," said President Mandy Ginsberg.

Smartphone applications are also becoming popular in the online dating market. OKCupid offers users a smartphone application which can be used to find interested users in their vicinity. It also displays their matches and how close they are, whether they are in the same bar, club or neighbourhood.

Online and mobile technology have really made their mark in the online dating market, presenting players with a unique way to connect in a romantic way. When you think of romance, you don’t normally associate chocolates and roses with smart phones and internet games – but online dating sites are redefining our perceptions of romantic connections.

Online gaming is no longer reserved for social networking sites like Facebook or Xbox Live players. The market is being opened up to a wider audience and being used for a wider range of purposes. It is a great stretch for the online gaming market, and we expect to see other non-gaming sites adopt similar apps in the future.

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